who we are

based in kerala, which is the homeland of exoctic indian art and handicrafts, olattayil's is founded and owned by salam olattayil.

a graphic designer and photographer with extensive work experience in both india and the middle east, salam olattayil brings his soulful creative experience as an artist and painter to every bespoke design crafted for you.

his vision is simple: to make an authentic range of indian handicrafts, personalised arts and gifts available online to all at affordable prices.

salam olattayil / founder & ceo

what we do

olattayil's range of personalised art and gifts is as diverse and exciting as the field of art itself. our bespoke designs create magic with different types of products available in different sizes, colours and shapes including:

how we are

what’s unique about all products is that they let you add your personal touch to create numerous little special moments of your life. we're driven by the passion to give you the unique ability to leave a lasting mark on your world through the power of customization and the gift of self-expression which has no limits.


browse through olattayil’s exclusive selection of personalised gifts and handicrafts available online in india.




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kerala / india / e-mail: olattayil@gmail.com